Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

I came home from school today, and what’s the first thing I did? I was thirsty, so I had a glass of water. Sometimes we all forget how important water is, because we Americans have such easy access to it and take it for granted. If you watch the news, most likely you will see a story about some third-world country that doesn’t have enough water, or their water isn’t suitable for drinking. Hearing about stories like that makes you think twice about how lucky we are.

Water is crucial to life on Earth. After all, our bodies are 65% water! Water was fundamental to the growth of civilization. Ever heard of the Fertile Crescent? Yeah, that’s basically where humans began agriculture and irrigating their plants with the use of none other than: water. Perhaps you don’t know about the Fertile Crescent… how about ancient Egypt? Life in the desert made possible by the Nile RIVER. Still looking for modern examples? Look at almost any capital city, and you’ll see that most of them are built around some body of water—Rome, the Tiber; London, the Thames; Paris, the Seine, just to name a few. Even here in Chicago, we have Lake Michigan!

So why are we Americans so fortunate, while much of the world lacks something so simple as water? That I do not know, but with advancing technology, we may be able to do something about this—maybe not today, but we WILL give everybody access to clean water.

I found this article after writing my post, and I think it’s interesting and relevant to my topic:

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